The Northumbrian Tweed was designed in 2015 by the Northumbrian Tweed company who found there was a demand for a tweed specific for the region. Her Grace the Duchess of Northumberland choose the final design which is now available to buy in a selection of soft furnishings, personal accessories and also Men and Women’s clothing (coming soon). The fabric is not currently available to buy but if you have a shop or specific request for this tweed then please get in touch and we will see what is available.

The colours of the tweed were carefully selected to demonstrate the variety this wonderful county has to offer and each colour of yarn has a representation. The Red and Gold colours are to incorporate the colours of the flag (not many regions have their own flag so this is extremely prominent), the brown check is a representation of our rich farming lands, and the green background has a mixture of colours in including heather and pebble to incorporate the Cheviot hills and also our stunning coastal areas.

Northumbrian Tweed