Louise Clark

Hello, My name is Louise. I work with horses and have 3 horses to event this season as well as 1 hunter, my mums race horse and the 3yo that we will back this summer.

Connie (Kalewater Creme Bruile) is a very exciting 14.2hh 7yo Connemeara X. I bought her as a 3yo unbroken pony. She has lovely paces and a huge scopey jump and just loves to go cross country. She has been competing within BE90’s and will step up to BE100’s this season.

Coco (Coco X) is a 15.2hh 9yo that I bought a few years ago from a team chasing home. My mum is currently hunting her, which they both love. She has lovely paces and a great jump. With Coco I have won a number of different competitions including winning my 1st BE, the Novice Working Hunter at the Border Union Show and going to the Riding Club Championships to compete in Dressage (finishing 10th in the arena and 10th team).

I also have Boo, she is very special to us. She is a 6yo Connemara x TB that we bred ourselves. She hasn’t competed too much yet but we will start Eventing this year, she has done a bit of dressage but she loves her jumping and has done a lot of cross country and show jumping. Olive is my hunter. We bought her in the autumn to do a bit of hunting and play with her over the summer. She won the big class (3″3′) around Yeavering and is an awesome hunter, she’s pretty quick for being all of 14hh, although she does ride bigger. She will cover any ground and jumps anything out hunting!

I have had so many highs so far with my horses, my 1st proper seasons eventing I represented Scotland in the JRN (Under 18’s) Championship and have competed at Blair Castle 1*. I had a fantastic pony who I took up the grades and competed round a few Novices (unaffiliated) and sold, he is now competing successfully in Pony Trails. Coco has given me great fun and lots of wins and placings, Connie has an exciting future and its very nice knowing me and my mum have done all the work with her and Boo is the same as well as her being a home bred, as far as I remember only me or mum have sat on her, I’m very excited about her future.

I would like to say a huge thank-you to Susie of The Northumbrian Tweed Company for her support and sponsorship and I can’t wait to represent them. Also a huge Thank-you to my mum, Jane who is my Top Groom away at competitions and my top supporter, she is at all my events and is always on hand to give me help and advice all year round. And my Dad Tom, who has helped me and puts up with all our horses and if he is free he drives the lorry to the events and back and is able to give me advice from a different angle. And finally a big thank-you to all my supports and trainers,without all of you I wouldn’t be able to do what I am doing today!