Susanne Hume, The Northumbrian Tweed CompanyBorn and bred In Northumberland,  Susie who lives with her husband, son, daughter and black Labrador is a sel-taught seamstress with a bespoke idea.

In 2015 Susie created an idea to design a tweed specific for Northumberland. After contacting the Duchess of Northumberland, Susie found a tweed mill who could made these ideas real. Choosing all the yarns which represented the wonderful county she lived in, Susie took the designs to the Duchess and in March 2016 the Official Northumbrian Tweed was launched. Since then it has been well received with Susie making alot of the produce itself for both shops and customers. Now the tweed is so in demand, Susie has outsourced the work to help other small businesses around Northumberland and has a selection of ‘trusted suppliers’ who buy, make and sell items from the tweed. If they bare ‘The Northumbrian Tweed Companies’ label then you know it has been checked for quality and approved buy us!